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Thornton Construction is a small company with BIG ideas.  We are located in the piney woods of  Holly Lake Ranch, Texas.  The founder, Jim Thornton, has over 45 years of construction experience in both large commercial, residential construction and development.  He translates that experience into building quality homes and ranches at the lake and resort areas of  East Texas.  What makes Thornton Construction so successful is the professional manner and attention to detail that is given to each project.  We personally work closely with each subcontractor at all jobs to encourage their best skills so that we may give YOU, our customer, the best quality home or ranch you've ever had!  We take the pain out of building a new home by communicating with YOU, the customer, and running each project efficiently and timely so there are no long, frustrating construction delays.  

So, enough about us, why don't you come in and see our homes and development sites for yourself!  Enjoy!

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Jim Thornton

Thornton Construction or snail mail at 170 Oxbow Cove, Holly Lake Ranch, Texas 75765     (903)-769-2058

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